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Your contact and company information will remain anonymous throughout the bidding process. Only the bidders you personally approve will gain the ability to contact you directly or know which company you represent. This fosters a fair bidding strategy and guards against inflated bids. List your project today and let our top vetted agencies compete to offer you the best solutions!

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Important Information: 
Before you input any information, please note that only the service providers you have shortlisted will be able to access the company and contact information you provide in Section 1 of the "List a Project" form. Service providers that have not been shortlisted will not have access to this information.

This measure has been implemented to prevent undue influence over project interest and bids, and to ensure that only service providers you've qualified can establish contact with you.

You can oversee the progress of your project and view all active bids through the Project Management page in your Account Manager.


Company Contact Information

Important: Only service providers you shortlist will have access to your company information and the contact information you fill in this section of the project form.



Important Information: 
In order to ensure a fair and impartial bidding process, we strongly recommend maintaining anonymity in your project listing. Please refrain from including any confidential or identifiable brand information in the 'Project Information' section. This practice helps uphold a fair bidding process and preserves your anonymity.


Budget Range & Required Service

Important:Please choose the services necessary for the project and provide a rough estimate of your budget range. It need not be precise but should give service providers a general sense of your budget.

Service Offerings

Project Information

Important: Please refrain from including any confidential or identifiable brand information in the 'Project Information' section.


Project Location & Deadline

Important: If you don't have a location preference for your project you can leave this section empty.



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about Firm Pavilion

Frequently asked questions

What is Firm Pavilion?

Embarking on a B2B journey often presents a complex puzzle of decisions and connections. Firm Pavilion emerges as your indispensable ally in this landscape, dedicated to simplifying these intricacies. We are not just a platform but a transformative experience, connecting brands with a robust network of verified service providers across multifarious industries. By centralizing and streamlining the connection process, we turn challenges into opportunities, ensuring a transparent, efficient, and rewarding journey for both brands desiring first-rate service and service providers searching for ambitious projects. Our commitment stands unwavering—to revolutionize your professional interactions, presenting a clear pathway through the often tangled B2B environment. Welcome to Firm Pavilion, where your business growth is a shared journey, navigated with confidence and ease.

How does Firm Pavilion ensure the quality of service providers?

Quality is the cornerstone of Firm Pavilion. We uphold this by ensuring participation is reserved for verified entities—agencies, firms, and companies—that have successfully navigated our comprehensive vetting process. This stringent selection underscores their history of excellence and reliability, instilling confidence in brands that their projects are undertaken by adept hands.

How do I list my project on Firm Pavilion?

Outsourcing your project is seamless. Simply complete a project form with details about your project, its scope, deliverables, etc. Once submitted, your project attracts our qualified service providers to submit their proposals, all while keeping your email and contact information confidential. Only when you shortlist a bid will your contact information be shared, unlocking mutual communication channels with the service provider you engage.

Can Firm Pavilion assist in selecting the perfect service provider?

Indeed! If the prospect of sifting through proposals seems daunting, lean on us. Detail your project through a dedicated form, and within just 24 hours, we'll curate a list of service providers whose expertise aligns immaculately with your needs, simplifying your decision-making process.

What is Firm Pavilion's review system like?

At Firm Pavilion, we have a trusted review system in place. Clients can post reviews after working with a service provider, which assists other businesses in making smart choices. Reviews are carefully checked by us before they go live. We’re serious about keeping reviews real and don't accept fake ones, to make sure our platform's feedback is honest and reliable.

Are there any fees associated with using Firm Pavilion?

For clients, the journey of outsourcing through Firm Pavilion is entirely free. On the other side, service providers are subject to a registration fee to unlock the privilege of bidding on projects and getting listed in our directory. During our soft launch, service providers are privy to an exclusive annual subscription of $1,020, with an additional 30% off when using the code EARLYBIRD30 while registering. Alternatively, a more flexible plan is available at $122 per month, billed quarterly.

Is direct communication with service providers possible through Firm Pavilion?

We actively encourage open dialogue to ensure clear understanding and set expectations between parties. As we advocate for this transparency, your privacy is a priority — your email stays private until you decide to share it with a shortlisted bidder. All communications are channeled through our secure platform, giving you complete control over the exchange.

Does Firm Pavilion claim a commission on projects?

No. We do not take commission from projects that are outsourced on our marketplace, nor from the service providers who won a project through Firm Pavilion.

How can my company join Firm Pavilion as a service provider?

To join as a registered service provider and be featured in our directory, you're required to create a company profile for your brand. After we verify your details, you're free to start bidding on projects in our marketplace, marking the beginning of your quest for exciting projects.

What are the registration expenses for service providers?

In our launch phase, service providers are invited to register for an annual subscription at a fee of $1,020. Plus, enjoy an extra 30% off with the promo code EARLYBIRD30 upon registration. For those seeking a step-by-step payment plan, we also offer a flexible subscription at $122 per month, billed quarterly, ensuring full access with adaptable payment options.

What is the procedure for bidding on projects?

Placing a bid is straightforward—if you meet the qualifications for a project, you're able to place a bid. Your submission will include your pricing and a cover letter. The project owner will receive your bid, details about your company, and a link to your profile. Your proposal goes directly to the brand, ensuring you're in the running for their project. We promote fair play, so only the project owner can see your bid, preventing underselling tactics. Remember, once your bid is submitted, it's final—no changes allowed.

How frequent is the billing for service providers?

We accommodate preferences with two billing cycles. Opt for an annual subscription to continue enjoying uninterrupted access for the whole year, or choose our quarterly plan, a flexible alternative that aligns with more short-term perspectives.

What happens after sending a project proposal?

Once you've sent in your proposal, it's up to the brand to consider it. They'll get all the details you've put together, putting you in their range of possible partners. You can check how your bid is doing anytime in your Account Dashboard's 'Bids' section. There, you'll be able to watch the project and see the status of your bid.

What protocols are in place for breaches of conduct on Firm Pavilion?

Maintaining professional conduct is essential at Firm Pavilion. Should there be any breach of our code of ethics, such as engaging in unethical behavior or misusing the platform, we will take strict action. Depending on the severity of the infraction, this may lead to account suspension or outright termination, and could extend to the termination of all accounts associated with the same business entity.

How accessible is customer support during my Firm Pavilion experience?

Our customer support team is on hand to help with any questions or problems you may face. Our live support chat will be available on business days between 8am (CET) and 6pm (CET), alternatively you can email us at We're dedicated to addressing your issues promptly.

I don’t see my category. What do I do?

Can't spot the category you need? Don't stress! If you can't find the service category you're looking for on our site, we're here to assist. Simply open a 'Support Chat' and drop us a message. Let us know what category or service you're after, and we'll consider adding it. Our goal is to evolve and tailor our services to suit your requirements, so your input is always welcome!

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. To modify your plan, please visit your dashboard and navigate to the billing section, where you will be redirected to your Stripe dashboard. Your subscription will terminate at the end of the current billing cycle once you cancel your current plan.